What People Are Saying About Barlby CP School

Quotes from Parents and Vistors
"This is the second time in recent months that we have been to your school and on both occasions we left thinking 'here was a school that had that special something'" - RNLI
"Brilliant Staff, Brilliant School" - Parent
"Wonderful school.  Very Supportive of children and parents.  Thank you " - Parent
"Excellent school" - Parent
"Fantastic school. Keep up the good work" - Parent
Quotes from Mother's Day Lunch - 22nd - 24th  March 2017
" Today's mother's day lunch really made my Mother's Day"
"  Dinner was beautiful"
"Brilliant, lovely welcoming"
Quotes from the 'Bring and Share a Book' Afternoon - 2nd March 2017
" Busy day and super to see o many parents/ grandparents wanting to share a story" - Grandparent
"Thought how lovely it was seeing so many parents. carers coming along to read with their children and seeing all the children so happy to sit and read" - Parent
"Loved it.  It's so nice to see what the kids are doing in school" - Parent
Quotes from the 'End of Year Expectations in Literacy and Numeracy' Meeting - 2nd Feb 2016
"Very informative meeting.  Quite shocked at what the government are now expecting the children to learn."
"Very useful meeting"
"Informative but scary!!  The information/ knowlege that children need is amazing - concerning for a parent of a child who is working below expect levels"