Charges for School Trips

The governing body recognises the valuable contribution that a wide range of activities, including educational visits, residential experiences and clubs can make towards pupil personal and social education. The governing body and teachers aim to promote such activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.

The governing body reserves the right to make a voluntary charge for the activities which take place during the schools normal hours. If insufficient voluntary contributions are received, then regrettably many of these activities will not go ahead. We feel that the activities are exciting opportunities that will benefit all of the children both educationally and socially. We are confident that you will want to support these activities.

Any parent/carer in receipt of specific benefits can apply to the Head Teacher in confidence for full or part remission of charges. Help may also be sought from Barlby United Charities for residents of Barlby, forms being available in the School Office or Barlby Library.

Under the 1988 Education Reform Act the school is entitled to charge for any activity that takes place outside normal school sessions, but again there are financial exemptions for particular groups of children.