Additional Sessions

Additional places are those which remain unsubscribed once the children on roll have taken up their 15-30hours/ week of free entitlement.

Additional places will be offered on a term by term basis (i.e. on a termly contract).

Places will be offered to (in priority order):

  1.      Existing Nursery/F1 children.
  2.     Children who will be 3yrs old during the current term (Rising 3’s) and are on the schools admission list (as collated in line with North Yorkshire and Barlby CP admissions policy).

All existing children will be given additional place request forms, to be returned by a given date. Places will then be assigned using admissions criteria, then to maximise enhancement to as many children as possible. 

All parents taking up additional places must sign a termly contract.

We cannot guarantee places for more than one term.

No later than one week before the end of each term the following terms places will be confirmed.

Payment for place will be either by ParentPay, cheque in advance (at the beginning of the term) or cash.

Failure to pay will result in withdrawal of additional places.

Payments are for the half term and no refunds will be given if your child is unable to attend.

Charge per additional session is £12.45